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Plugin Moodle - Wooclap

Since 2018, you are able to import questionnaires from Moodle to Wooclap, and vice-versa.

How to do it?

With the Moodle-Wooclap plug-in, users have access to a “Wooclap activity” through Moodle, and can create Wooclap content while on their Moodle account. In addition, results of a Wooclap event (i.e. students’ answers) are synchronised on Moodle, giving teachers an individual overview of student performance. For more information on 

the Moodle - Wooclap plug-in, we invite you to consult our blog post.

Wooclap will be at the MoodleMoot Global Online 2020

Five days, more than 80 hours of content, thousands of information and connections.

MoodleMoot continues to be the first choice for educators, institutions and businesses.

Moodle is proud to be the largest open source learning platform in the world.

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Nancy Diebkilé

Customer Success Manager

About Nancy

Working with higher and further education institutions, she focuses on ways to improve the quality of education and give students an active role in their learning process. Nancy’s primarly role at Wooclap is to build strong relationships with our partners and help them future-proof their institution.